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Monday, October 27, 2014

Look Up

“Oh wow, that is magic.”
Just the moon. Set unmoving in a broad and blameless early morning sky; it is perhaps a little red. So we huddle in the parking lot outside our fire station with our chins tipped up like the Peanuts gang on Christmas Eve, and we almost forget to breathe. Such beauty, so undeserved.
I’m not a Doomsday Prepper, but I have to admit to a certain fearfulness lately. Ebola, Isis, D68. Not just the evil that we foist upon each other, but the randomness of catastrophe. It’s a scary world out there, isn’t it? 
We’re hunkered down, frightened, so much of the time.
We have to remind ourselves to look up.
But more than that, we have to look for that same prettiness down here on earth, both boots on the ground.
Well here, it looks a little like this -
“I finally got my student loan money.” Oh yay, she has been waiting for this. Counting pennies, literally. But her voice is hesitant now, so I wait for the other shoe to drop. “I gave five hundred dollars to Operation Smile. It’s a charity that helps kids with cleft palates.”
Ah God, for a moment I am breathless. This girl, my child, isn’t wealthy by any standards; five hundred dollars, to a charity, is a drop in the bucket – to her it is, well, the moon.
I’m made small by this, I really am. I’m humbled by a kid who would give away the moon so another person could have a pretty smile.
And this –
The tones go off at the station, both fire and ambulance needed for a motor vehicle accident. My partner and I jump in the rig, and as we round the corner, here come our new recruits. Three wonderful young men, not a decent vehicle amongst them. They are on foot, running full-out to our station to answer the call. 
They don’t get a paycheck for this.
Wow, right? Are we not better than we give ourselves credit for?
So, here is the awesome news to hang onto today. In the midst of sickness, war, poverty and ignorance, we still exist. And by “we” I mean the cashier who recommended her favorite herbal remedy for your child’s cough. The elderly lady who brought cookies to the kindergarten book fair. The kid who found a twenty dollar bill and tacked it up on the bulletin board at your local convenience store.
Why don’t we look harder at the goodness in each other? And in looking, why don’t we take heart? We’re not small, ignorant, dysfunctional or petty.  We are – or at least we have the capability to be – good, shining and bright.
We just have to look up.


  1. What and inspiring article. Give your daughter a hug, and those three volunteers a pat on the back for me. Thanks for making me look up tonight :)

  2. Beautiful essay. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Thanks Susan and Pat, so glad you enjoyed! :) :)


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