Lucy Crowe's Nest: About Lucy

About Lucy

"Hello! It's me, Lucy Crowe! And this lovely blue corner of the blogging universe is where my soul alights when it isn’t chasing sirens or baking cookies for the kids. Here we examine all the day-to-day trivialities of EMS/fire calls and writer’s block. Family time, love and life in general . . . none of which is so trivial after all! 

Typically, I update on a weekly basis, so check in often or subscribe to my blog through email here.

Thanks for dropping by!"

Learn more about Lucy and her novel, "Sugar Man's Daughter", at

Lucy Crowe divides her time amongst her main loves – family, firefighting and fitting words to life and occasionally she is astounded by the blending of all three.

Her rural home, shared by husband and children, is close enough to Chicago to catch the bright lights, and far enough away to see the stars.Several of her short stories have enjoyed publication under the name C.E. Jones. “Sugar Man’s Daughter" is her first novel. 

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