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Thursday, January 23, 2014

To Believe in Miracles

So, how many of us practice the Law of Attraction? Some of us do unwittingly, I think – certainly those a generation or two ahead of me, for whom positive thinking was more a natural thing. They had learned it, I think, through hardship.
For others of us, this frame of mind takes a conscious effort.
Positive thoughts! Ah God, we need them now in January, when our blood is chilled as last July’s margaritas, our car batteries dead, and our bellies cramped with flu-like symptoms.
No! This is not how you do this! (I’m learning about this through my awesome oldest child, who – along with her brothers - was given to me as much for my own enrichment as hers) Okay – rephrase. Positive thoughts are good in January, even though we already have an abundance of lovely, sparkling snow to look at by the light of a full Cold Moon. Even though we already have safe transportation to get to work and we’re not hitching up horse and buggy like our great grandparents. Even though we’re still eating enough left over Christmas candy to give us – yes, flu like symptoms.
Lol! Well, maybe tongue-in-cheek, but better, right?
The law of attraction teaches us that we can manifest anything into our lives just by believing it will come to us. By having continuous, positive thoughts about our needs and desires. Like Santa Claus? Well, I don’t know if you can ask for a pony or not.
But why not? How badly do you want it?
I’m Catholic, and this is one of the self-truths that I hold most closely. Because it allows me to believe in miracles (we believe, after all, in Christ’s presence on the altar every day) and not only that, but to name the miracles. The return of my beloved de-clawed kitty when he’d been wandering lost for days amongst the coyotes and stray dogs. What about the patient who lived when he had no business doing so? The reading glasses that miraculously appeared on the coffee table when I know I had already looked there twice?
Well, maybe I couldn’t see them, right? Tee-hee-hee!
But isn’t it better to believe? To have something to hang onto?
Wallowing in negativity is not only a soul-eater, it is an exercise in futility. It’s impossible to move forward when your mind is spinning with the anxieties of possible bad outcomes, past failures and gloomgloomgloom. At some point, you have to turn the page, and in doing so, you have to discover why it is that you are here, what is your purpose, and what tools you need to fulfill said purpose.
Which is all really deep, I know.
But start simply  - good thoughts to replace bad, gratitude for what you already have. A conscious effort to rearrange your thought patterns, turning the dark ones oh-so-slowly towards the light.
Maybe play “Here Comes the Sun” and dance in the kitchen with your baby.
Maybe name your Law of Attraction “God” and acknowledge that what you’re doing is one part hope and nine parts prayer, and He’s listening.
Maybe start eating jelly bellies waaaaayy before Easter; pick a different color every day.
Or maybe . . . okay beautiful people, close your eyes, manifest . . . Spring! 
It will be here sooner than we think.  

 *Art by Amy Roemer

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