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Monday, October 28, 2013

Our Halloween Life: Photos and Memories

 Halloween is the easiest holiday to love! 
(“Yes, a holiday!” I reiterate to my spouse, who by now is apoplectic over the extravagance of my celebration. Lol! )

 Candy, color, magic. Excesses of sugar and laughter. . . . what’s not to love? In looking through my photo albums, I was not at all surprised to find that Halloween pictures dominated all others, burying with sheer numbers all summer vacations and Easter egg hunts combined. But there’s just something wonderful and expectant about dressing up and dashing off into the night to collect Hershey’s kisses, isn’t there?

 And so, I wanted to share these snippets of our Halloween life with you, along with some excerpts from a guest blog I did with my publisher. Enjoy!


"Begin with the candles. Four of them in yellow Dollar Store jars, one for each child and one for myself...Light shimmers from slanted eyes, fracturing on fangs and waggly eyebrows."


"The village is alive – a glorious noise of shrieks and laughter, smell of smoke and a thousand bobbing glo sticks. Clowns and mermaids are a blur of color, sneakers beating a tattoo on the sidewalk brick, ghosts pale as luna moths keeping pace seemingly without feet."'

"We climb the cemetery steps, seventy-seven of them in full darkness, picking our way over the broken spots.... Tombstones are rounded as old teeth in the narrow moonlight, live oaks so fat we can’t reach around them even if we all hold hands.

No flashlights, because we are brave and wonderful tonight."

"Candy candy candy. Chocolate and gummies and caramel apples and popcorn. We are sticky-chinned and bright-eyed and willing to wring every wonderful moment from this gorgeous evening because we know. We know that it passes, and then it takes a year to get it back."

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