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Monday, September 23, 2013

Hello Fall!

Hello Fall! Gorgeous sky and cooler temps, hoodies, bonfires and all-things-pumpkin, welcome!
Interestingly enough, the Fall equinox has coincided, this year, with my immersion in some much-needed research on witchcraft. Midway through my second novel, “Maypops in September”, my character Benny Jones has begun to more actively pursue the more magical aspects of her personality. She is being badgered by a particularly persistent – and extremely unhappy! – spirit, who she is, consequently, seeking to send . . .well, onward. Wherever it is that he needs to be, but no longer in her bedroom! And so Benny, who has generally tried to bury her talents, will now be forced to haul them out and polish them instead. And perhaps even muscle her sister on board, as well. 
And I, the ever-beleaguered author, am forced to bone up on witchcraft.
Oh, but it’s fun! What a perfect time of year for this project!
Here’s a little of what I’ve picked up so far, probably just enough to start any Wiccan readers out there chuckling at my ineptitude. The autumn equinox, Mabon Sabbot, just passed yesterday, with its perfect measure of hours, light and dark being exactly equal. This entire week is considered a bridge, a time when the dead can travel between their shore and ours – not for sinister purposes, but in order to be remembered. So, this is a time to not only look back fondly on those who have passed, but also to recall any lessons that we may have learned from them, and to put into practice any good deeds that they may have failed to achieve.
Positive thoughts for a witch! But I’m rapidly learning that modern-day witches have very little negativity.
Maban, apparently, is not only about balance – and interestingly enough, the sun now enters the sign of Libra, which is represented symbolically by the scales – but also about gratitude. Traditionally, thanks is given for a bountiful harvest, but I’m pretty sure that any thanks for any bounty is good! We are urged to make gratitude lists, to tell timeless stories, and to honor the darkness so that we may better enjoy the light.
And so, only a little knowledge thus far, but enough to sway me in the direction of autumn as the perfect time for Benny to rid herself of the unwanted spirit, and allow her to celebrate the perfect Halloween.
In other news . . . the big day is almost here! “Sugar Man’s Daughter” will be released on Friday, and I am beyond excited!

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